The dead rise again!

Directed by Claudio Fragasso.

Written by Rossella Drudi.


UK: Zombie Flesh Eaters 3

USA: Zombie 4: After Death

Italy: After Death – The Cursed Island

Netherlands: Return of the Living Dead Part 3

Brazil: The Third Gate of Hell

A voodoo priest (James Sampson) is shot by one of a group of scientists. They are then attacked by the voodoo priest’s wife (Geretta Geretta) who has become one of the undead. Two of the scientists escape into the jungle with their little girl, Jenny, but they are killed by zombies and only the little girl gets away.

Years later Jenny (Candice Daly) returns to the island with her friend Louise (Adrianne Joseph) and a group of mercenaries. Three hikers are already on the island including Chuck (Jeff Stryker). Tommy (Don Wilson), one of the mercenaries, runs after a zombie and ends up bitten. The hikers find the cave where the voodoo priest was killed. The other group finds a hospital.

The hikers find a book in the cave, The Book of the Dead, which Chuck and David (Massimo Vanni) read from. They are attacked by zombies but Chuck gets away.

The other group are also attacked by zombies and are joined by Chuck. Tommy turns into a zombie and attacks Louise and Jenny while the others fight off the zombies advancing on them…

Plenty of zombie action in this one. After Death, while nowhere near as refined as Lucio Fulci’s Zombi 2, isn’t a bad little zombie film. It is a sequel in name only. It’s gory in places and the atmosphere isn’t too bad. Every time I’ve watched it I’ve enjoyed it. I really like the film’s song Living After Death by Al Festa which screams 80s. The voodoo priest’s wife at the beginning looks more like a demon from Demons (1985) than a zombie and in this film zombies can fire guns and talk so it does things its own way to some extent.

I love it. Great film.

Also stars Claudio Fragasso as Narrator, Jim Moss as Mad, Jim Gaines as Dan, Nick Nicholson as Rod, Fausto Lombardi as Head Scientist and Alberto Dell’Acqua as Scientist who shoots the voodoo priest.

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