Could We Possibly See a 3D Remake of ‘Demons’?


Demons 1Do you guys remember the boom in gory Italian horror flicks? Man, they sure had their finger on the pulse when it came to giving us the gore, they freakin’ nailed it! One that really stood out was Lamberto Bava’s Demons, a film filled to the brim with face-melting gore, a great story and a killer soundtrack. I for one loved it, and I’m sure many of you did too. But what would you say if I said that a 3D remake could possibly be in the works?

Well, first off, Dario Argento, who co-wrote and produced the film is said to be in discussions with Lamberto Bava and the special effects artist Sergio Stivaletti in regards to a 3D remake of the beloved 1985 flick Demons.

Recently the Dark Universe Horror Database caught up with Sergio Stivaletti, and he dropped this;

We have been speaking about a new demons movie for a short time now. Dario, Lamberto and myself – maybe a 3D version of Demons, a remake that features the old crew…

We all wish Italian horror could return again but we know how unlikely that is.

Yet, we go to conventions across the world and people remember our work. So there is an audience out there for a new Demons movie – we are all sure of it.

Could it possibly take off? I sure hope so, I’d be done for more Demons, even if it is in 3D. But how about you? Let us know what YOU think?

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