Hell Just Froze Over

Directed by Sonny Laguna

Reviewed by Deep Red

Swedish slasher film in English language starring Hanna Oldenburg as Winona, Patrick Saxe as Rick, Elin Hugoson as Liz, Andreas Rylander as Carl, Ralf Beck as James and David Liljeblad as Draven.

Winona goes to stay in a house in the snowy wilderness for two weeks. She drives to a bar where she meets her ex-boyfriend and his friends Liz and Carl. Winona invites them back to the house for some company. She invites them to stay the night. They are not alone.

Beautiful cinematography, love the setting, creepy house in the snowy wilderness. Decent acting too. The antagonist has a cool look, reminded me a little of The Miner in My Bloody Valentine (1981). Great special effects including some nice gore make this a fine slasher film.

I picked this up for £2.50 (2 for £5) so what a bargain! Yes, I would recommend it. I enjoyed it. It’s just a very traditional slasher film, something to watch before you crash.

Check it out, you might enjoy it.