15 Outstanding Horror Movie Posters From 2000-2010




SHOCK looks at some of the most arresting horror movie posters from the first decade of the new century.

Here we go again folks, forging forward into the next decade of incredible poster art work and glorious one-sheets.  There were a tremendous number of outstanding entries from 2000 till 2010 to sift through; so taking that into consideration, we have jacked the collection to 15 instead of 10.  So enjoy, if you dare!

Did any of your personal favorites make the cut?


SESSION 9 (2001) – Dir. Brad Anderson

This underappreciated spook fest was generally overlooked by many upon release; yet there are folks who absolutely love this haunting nightmare and will defend it to their graves.  If you haven’t seen this near-forgotten gem, what’s the hold up, get on it!  In the meantime, let’s drool over its gorgeous and mysterious theatrical one-sheet.


SLITHER (2006) – Dir. James Gunn

We absolutely love this early James Gunn poster; a pleasant throwback to NIGHT OF THE CREEPS and Cronenberg’s SHIVERS, for sure. SLITHER is kind of a weird beast, from the man who later delivered the smash hit GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. Still not too sure what to make of this film but I have huge love for the one-sheet.


PAN’S LABYRINTH (2006) – Dir. Guillermo del Toro

2006 was a great year for horror, dark fantasy and weird hybrids like our previous entry, but the biggest horror success story both artistically and commercially came in the form of del Toro’s dark and surreal fantasy PAN’S LABYRINTH. The poster has Guillermo’s style all over it; an elegant nod to the era of painted posters from the 60s and 70s.


THE HAPPENING (2008) – Dir. M. Night Shyamalan

Okay, so not the most glowingly reviewed entry from the man who brought us THE SIXTH SENSE and UNBREAKABLE. THE HAPPENING almost laid M.Night to waste as he had been on a steady decline since releasing titles like LADY IN THE WATER and THE LAST AIRBENDER. We must give credit where it’s due however…

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