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Oculus (2013) Video Review

Sick Roger reviews Oculus (2013) And the Trailer

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The Thing (1982): Review

“It could have imitated a million life-forms on a million planets. It ...

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Joyride 3 Roadkill (2014)

Joyride 3: Roadkill (2014) Review

 Joyride 3 Roadkill (2014) This is Rusty Nail. I knew a Candy ...

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Playback (2011)

Playback (2012) Review

Playback (2012)  I think my mask of sanity is about to slip ...

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Cockneys vs Zombies (2012)

Cockneys vs Zombies (2012) Review

 Cockneys vs Zombies (2012) Oh, fuck’s sake, we’ve been saved everyone, Laurel and ...

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Garbage Pail Kids Movie

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987) Review

The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987) Oh yeah? I’ll show you ugly! ...

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Dawn title card

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) Video Review

And the films Trailer

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Maniac [1980]

I warned you not to go out tonight Directed by William Lustig (Maniac ...

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The Last House on the Left [2009]

If bad people hurt someone you love, how far would you go ...

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Beyond the Door III [1989] aka Amok Train

Some doors are best left closed! Directed by Jeff Kwitny Reviewed by Deep ...

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BMA Manos The Hands of Fate 1966

Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966) Review

Manos The Hands of Fate (1966)  I am Torgo. I take care ...

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